A Better Buy: Gas or Electric Motorcycles for kids?

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A lot of people might be confused when it comes with the differences between an electric bike and an gas powered one. There is a valid reason to be confused! If you will look into it, the electric powered bikes are a subset of the gas operated ones. That is why before making a purchase, it is important to determine which ones suit your tastes and which ones are fit with the standards you want.

Also, due to their popularity of these motorcycle for kids and adults, more and more manufacturers are now making models which are made especially for kids and teenagers. These power wheels are not only smaller in sizes; they also have a more compact motor. To make it safer and easier for children's use, these pocket bikes have added safety features.

If you want your child to learn more about riding a mini motorcross bike, it is never too late! Nowadays, more and more parents are starting to teach and give their children some lesson on how to drive these motorcycles for kids. With these lessons, you are not only instilling the importance of driving the minimoto, you are also starting to build up the confidence of your child. You are also making your child's awareness in a controlled environment. Once your child starts learning how to drive a car, it will be faster and easier for him to learn.




As a parent, you surely want to give only the best for your child. When it comes to buying a pocket bike for them, you would want to buy on the best build, the most durable, and the safest one available in the market. To make sure that you are giving only the best of the best, it is important to go to a manufacturer or dealer who is in the industry for several years and already sold a lot of units.

If it is your first time to buy a mini motorcross bike, you might be surprised to know that there are also two more types that you need to choose from: The gas powered mini bikes and the battery powered mini bikes. These two types of mini bikes are different from each other. There are also advantages and disadvantages between the two. Since this is your first time buying minipocketrockets, it might be hard for you to choose between the two.


Durability and Price Wise

Gas pocket bikes are more expensive compared with the battery powered ones. They are built for skilled riders ages 13+, through to adults. They are louder and much faster. However, since they are relatively cheaper, electric pocket bikes are not as powerful as the gas powered one. Since it will a child who will use it, they might not last as longer as you want them to. Chances are, your child might easily break it or a part of it.

Although you will be paying more, 49cc mini pocket bikes also known as the gas pocket bikes, are built to last you for many years if used as directed. 


Noise Level

If you will be comparing the two, you will surely notice that the gas ones are noisier. The gas operated mini bikes, once operational, produces a buzzing sound similar to a motorcycle. If your child will be using a gas powered pocket bike around the neighborhood during the early morning or late at night, it might cause your neighbors storming at your doorsteps. Electric powered bikes, on the other hand, feels and sounds as if your child is driving a car. It does not produce buzzing sounds and it will not disturb your neighbors during their resting time too.



Electric pocket bikes run on electricity. Once you purchase one, the package will include a charger as well as built-in batteries. For you to be able to start using the pocket bike, you would need to charge it first. To charge the unit, you just need to affix the charger to any electric port in your house and it will start the charging process.

Gas pocket bikes, from the name itself, run on gas. Just like a car, you just need to put gasoline in the pocket bike for it to start and be ready for use.


Availability of Appearance Options

There are a lot of color combinations available for gas pocket bikes. Plus, you can choose from different sizes!

If the available color combinations do not suit your child's taste, a lot of manufacturers can also customize your chosen unit for you. Your child can choose another combination or make up a design of their own.

If you are planning to get the same design for the whole family, you can do that with gas pocket bikes. Most of the designs available for the kids size are also available for adults.


Speed and Reliability

Since the electric powered pocket bikes are powered solely by batteries, it may not go as far as how the gas powered ones can travel. If you will be charging the battery, one full charge of six hours will last you for about 5 miles.

The biggest challenges that electric pocket bike users face is the battery life. If you drive to the highest power possible, it will just drain the battery of the bike. To help control and regulate the battery of the bike, there are some pocket bikes that have drive modes built into it to limit the degrees of how fast the bike can go.

Even if the gas pocket bike can last longer, it is not recommended for first timers and younger children because it can run faster and can be very harmful for inexperienced ones.




It is important to base your choice of pocket bike to your child's experiences as a rider and your child's age since your child will be using it for a long time.

If it is your child's first time to ride a pocket bike, make sure that you find a unit which is easy to operate, comfortable, and safe to use. Although your child will experience a little difficulty at the beginning, they will easily get on with it and will be familiar with the pocket bike.

One of your tasks as a parent is to constantly check your child's physical as well as his emotional development. It is also important to check the size as well as the strength of you child. Also see to it that your child has discipline, reasoning, focus, and have decision-making skills.


Safety training first

Before you go on and let your child drive the pocket bike, you should make sure that they underwent a safety training first. As a parent, you would like your child to be safe 24/7.

There are a lot of safety training available. After completing the program and acing the exam, your child will not only learn the safety basics, he or she will also get a certificate of completion too.

Since the laws and regulations differ each state and provinces (if you are located in Canada), it is important that your child knows the operation and ridership regulations. 


Getting the accessories

Once your child is fully trained when it comes to safety precautions, it is now time for you to put your child's safety into priority by equipping the best and the proper accessories. There are a lot of different accessories to choose from: From helmets to riding suits, from riding boots to riding gloves.

A lot of teens are also purchasing handle cushions, decals, and brush guards to make their bikes a little of "themselves". 

Since a lot of parents would still want to take extra precautions into making sure that their child is safe, a lot of bike dealers and manufacturers are now offering additional safety accessories. There are also available body armors for the child. This body armor is composed of a back protector, forearm protector, should cups, chest foam, and elbow caps. All these protectors are attached in a lightweight shirt made from Lycra fabric which can just be worn by the rider either as a shirt or underneath a jacket.


Never let them ride without proper gear and training

Wearing a protective helmet is not just a rule for every rider -- it is an important oat that you need to promise before taking on a bike. Whenever your child wears one, make sure that it fits snuggly and securely into your child's head. If you do not have one, whenever you go helmet hunting, purchase one which has the US Department of Transportation or the American National Standards Institute labels on it. If the helmet you are eyeing for has one, then, it means that it is complying with the national test specifications.

Also, make sure that your child is wearing long pants, gloves, and long sleeves to protect the whole body when driving. If you want to add safety precautions, you can also add in a pair of googles as well as knee and shoulder pads.


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