ATV's vs UTV? What's the Difference?

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ATV's vs UTV? What's the difference?

UTVs, which stands for Utility Terrain Vehicle, are great vehicles to use if you you're hauling heavy loads on and off road. They are fairly safe, easy to drive, and comfortable ride in. Equipped with automotive style seats and rollover safety enclosure, UTVs are made to be occupied by two or more passengers.

The All-Terrain Vehicle in comparison, which is popularly known as the ATV, are great vehicles to use for more serious off roading, over various terrains, and through narrow spaces. Compared with UTVs, ATVs are more physically demanding to ride, and require the driver to balance in order to gain optimum control.

ATVs, also popularly known as quads, are intended to be used primarily by single riders and offer a saddle style seating position, like a motorcycle. Less common are tandem ATV's  which are built for two passengers. 

So what exactly is the difference between the two? A lot of people are confused whether they will be getting a UTV, or an ATV. Do not be one of those unlucky people who purchased the wrong vehicle as well. Let us divulge more on what are the differences with these two vehicles.

For several years, the four-wheel ATVs or quads are dominating the market ever since the three-wheel models were pulled off in the market due to safety concerns. Due to the open construction design that the quad has, it gives the riders the feeling of being close to nature. Since the rider has the total control of manipulating the position and the turns of the quad, it is a  thrill-seeker's preference. 

Other than maneuverability, quads are competitively pricing. Cheaper than the UTVs, the buyer also has a wide variety of choices for their ATVs; from the motor sizes to the body, from the paint up to the add-ons you can put in the unit. ATVs are easily customizable for riders of different sizes and ages.

ATVs are also fun to ride. They are enabling the riders to make nimble maneuvers and total control over the speed they want.

UTVs, although great over varied terrain, due to their larger size, they operate a bit more like a standard car, carrying more passengers and less likely to cruise through smaller areas off road. One of the major benefits of getting a UTV is for recreational use. It can also carry more than one rider at the same time without compromising their safety. UTVs are intended for multiple riders -- making it a great vehicle to use if you would like to create a good time with your family with just one machine. However, since it is intended for multiple passengers, the prices of these machines are higher compared with an ATV.

Another benefit of a UTV is the additional storage space it provides. Trucks are perfect vehicles to use because of the huge storage space it can provide. The concept of UTVs are the same: If offers you the ability to carry things with a dedicated space in your vehicle. So if you would like to go camping with your family and friends, you can load some tools, hunting gears, a cooler, and other camping supplies in your UTV.


ATV vs UTV: Who Is The Winner?


It all comes down to your intended use. Do you like independent travel? Do you prefer traveling off road with others? Where are looking to take your outdoor vehicle? What does your budget look like?

The all-terrain vehicles are known for driving through tight and rough area that most of vehicles cannot naviagate. However, contrary to what others think about them, ATVs are not just a 4x4 which will go over sand dunes or to whip through forested trails. They are also used by a lot of people for recreational, as well as sports. What are the other things that an ATV is capable of?



ATVs are giving farmers a helping hand whenever they need to go through massive fields quickly. They are equipped and strong enough to pull even 1000 pounds of hays. Farmers can work up to 60 miles in just a single charge; giving them enough time to survey their crops. In addition, if you are using an electric vehicle, you do not have to worry about repairs. Compared with a gas powered ATV, electric ones have 70% lesser parts; they are less complex and they are reducing the costs for the owners. You do not need to pay for gas anymore because the electric ATV will help you save more for that.


Patrol and Police

A lot of off road patrol and rural police departments are using ATVs as a security vehicle. They are best used for rural areas where there are no flat streets. ATVs can climb a 30 degree grade and are heavy duty shock absorbers.


Entertainment and Leisure for Kids

If adults fell in love with them, for sure, kids will do as well! A lot of people are considering them as "dream vehicles" because you can take them anywhere, everywhere you want.

Kids quad ATV makes the journey fun and more exciting for kids of all ages who ride them. 


What is the Kids ATV Quad?


For sure, the heavy duty four-wheeler designed by top companies is not ideal to be used by children. However, why would you not let your kids enjoy the thrilling experience of driving a kids 4 wheeler, a kids quad bike, a kids scooter, a kids motorcycle, and even a kids quad ATV?

A lot of brands are now creating their own line of kids ride on toys. Although these ATV for kids are not made with all the parts that a full-size adults ATV, they are constructed just for kids and can deliver as much fun as a regular ATV for adults !

A kids quad toy is a great way to encourage children to play outdoors and get more active. Taking on new skills like steering, navigating and standard driving principles. The fun and enjoyment that your child will feel are just an additional bonus from driving a kids quad 4 wheeler: Whether it is a kids quad electric powered or a kids quad ATV gas powered one.

For added safety most kids quads for ages 9 and under have, speed options. If your concerned about speed you can use a governor switch with varying speed levels, perfect for young children and those learning to ride ATV's!

The designs of these ATVs are meant for young riders, pint-sized perfect for 3 to 8 year olds. These toy come with rugged tires, wide handles for easy driving, and steel frames for durability.  A sleek design and colour options will suit all tastes, from pink, to camo, bright orange to Disney inspired prints Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh designs.

Kids quads are perfect gifts for children who are 3 years old and up. A perfect surprise for their birthdays and Christmas! For durability opt for a steel framed kids quads with sturdy rubber tires over weaker plastic models. Higher quality ATV's will also have speed controls, rubber grip handle bars and lights for visibilty. Go for safety when you looking to buy these kids toys. 


Things to Consider in Buying an All Terrain Vehicle for Kids


What are the most important factors you should keep in mind when buying an ATV for your kid? 

It is the kid's size, weight and skill level. For kids between the ages of 3 to 8 years of age, opt for a safer electric ATV toy. Gas ATV are more complex vehicles to use, are heavier, faster and more powerful than electric kids quads. The max weight capacity for smaller kids 4 wheelers is typically around 100 lbs and these toys will prep you child for riding  gas powered ATV later on. If your child is young and just learning opt for the easy to use electric version, with a speed controlling governor switch.

For older kids, and more skilled riders look into gas powered ATV's. Take note that the bigger the gas powered  ATV will be much faster and heavier than and electric kids quad.

Another thing to keep in mind, to ensure the safety of your child is to wear kids quad riding gear at all times. Under age riders should always be accompanied by an adult.


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