Electric Bike VS Regular Bike: What Is The Real Difference Between The Two

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When you think about how technology progresses around the world, there are a lot of things which will come into your mind. Computers, smart phones, and automobiles.

There is another technology which is spreading around and is not getting as much attention as the others. This technology has a lot of great potentials under its belt: The Electric Bicycles.

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, are very popular in Asia and in Europe. These bikes are now gaining popularity in the United States and Canada too! They are now getting recognized as a reliable daily mode of transportation.


Why Are People Choosing To Get An Electric Bike? Are They Better Than The Traditional One?


Once some people find out about electric bikes, they are wondering why someone would actually buy this instead of the traditional or mechanical one. Before they try it out, there are a lot of questions that they usually ask themselves: 

  • What is the difference between the two?
  • Are there advantages of going for an electric bike?
  • If the bike will drive for itself, what is the point of using a bicycle for exercise?
  • Why is it more expensive than a regular bike?

These questions are all valid. After all, there is a big misunderstanding between what exactly an e-bike can do. Since they are a whole new type of transportation, a lot of people are not really familiar with them.

 Now, let us answer all these questions one by one.


If the bike will drive for itself, what is the point of using a bicycle for exercise?


Electric bikes are making your riding experience easier, effortless, and more convenient. A lot of people might be thinking "is it considered cheating to use an e-bike?"

That is definitely a legitimate question a lot of people usually have. However, the answer is "no". Although it seems like you will not do any exercise at all, let me explain each and every point for you.

Firstly, the electric motor in the electric bike is there to help you but it is still up to you if you want to use it all the time. The pedal assist that the ebike has can make your experience really easy, especially if you are a beginner. However, you can just use either the motor or the pedal only.

Secondly, the electric bike makes exercising accessible, whatever body type you have. In fact, a lot of ebike drivers are getting more exercise when they ride more often, especially if they are driving longer distances.

You can take a trip to the nearest town. Turn the pedal on and turn off the motor - just feel the wind touching your skin. You will surely not have a single moment when you will feel you are not enjoying it.

Thirdly, you have the option to use electric bike kits instead of purchasing a pre-built one. With the electric bike conversion kit, you have the option of converting your favorite mountain bike and turn it into an electric mountain bike! By converting it into an ebike, it does not mean that you will be utilizing the electrical option of your bike. It just means that you would like another option for your favorite ride.

For a lot of people, the difference between the regular and the electric bike is whether you will ride it the way it was built to or if you will still stick to the old one. Riding a regular bike is really fun. However, it can be quite exhausting as well. On the other hand, an electric bike is all about options, options, options. It can be very easy, it can be very fun. Plus it gives you the convenience and the accessibility that you are looking for.


What are the differences between an electric bike and a regular bike?

Are there really a lot of differences between the two?

Yes there is! And it is very simple.

The electric bike is just like a regular bike. However, it has an electrical drive system. This electrical drive system, which is also known as the electric bike conversion kit, is consisted of the battery and the motor. These are used to integrate the power and how to control it once you run into the drive train.

Yes, the electric bikes look like a regular bike. However, let us take a deeper dive into it.

First is the electric mid driver motor in the center of the bike, just below the frame. This is considered as the unit's main component and it is also what makes the driving of the bike effortless. This motor has very high torque and performance if you will compare it to the old version, the traditional hub motor. Instead of driving the wheel, it makes use of the crank. The crank helps multiply the power. It also takes advantage of the existing gears found in the bike. In addition, due to the position of the crank, which is low to the ground and at the center of the gravity, it helps in improving the way the electric bike is being handled. It helps in distributing the weight of the rider too.

Next comes the battery. This is usually the heaviest and by far the most expensive component of the bicycle. The most common electric bike battery, which is the 36V10Ah, can provide you with almost 40 miles of biking time. Plus, the battery ist totally removable. You can charge it in the comforts of your home or if you are using it in the office, you can also charge it there.

The third part of the ebike which cannot be found in the traditional one is the drivetrain. This delivers the power not only to convert torque and speed but also to make the driving wheels faster. One of the most common drivetrain, the NuVinci N360, provides the rider the unlimited range control by just turning the dial. It will also give you the ability to instantly change the terrain too. If there is a big hill, you just need to turn on the volume of the bike and the NuVinci N360 will do all the adjusting for you.

Lastly, you can also find the throttle. This is the part of the bike which will allow you to fully control the motor. Most bikes use a half twist throttle integrated into their handle bar. If you twist it with your right hand, you will surely experience the motor to kick in.

Other than these four parts, the electric bike shares the same components that we can see in the regular one. Both bicycles have the frame, a pair of wheels, the suspension, the disc brake, the seat, the pedals, and the handle bars.

Since the technology is changing is changing from time to time, more and more approaches and improvements that can be made into the electric bike.

There is no perfect bike for everyone. However, there is a perfect bike fit for each user.

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