Electric Kids Quad vs Gas Kids ATV: Which is better?

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An All-Terrain Vehicle is commonly known as a Quad or an ATV. For other countries such as Canada or Australia, people are calling them as four wheelers. It is a motorbike built with a combustion engine. It is also specifically designed to use for different terrains. ANSI, which stands for the American National Standards Institute defines these all-terrain vehicle as a type of vehicle that uses handle bars and low pressure tires for steering and operating. ATVs also have a seat that the operator straddles. The ATV is popular for big countries such as the US, Australia, and Canada.

These vehicle ranges from different sizes and shapes. ATVs for adults are huge with engine as big as 1,000 cubic centimeters. Kids quad, on the other hand, have smaller engines compared to the adult size.

Due to the growing popularity and demand for kids quad ATV, a lot of manufacturers are engineering different models which are designed to be used by kids and even teenagers. Not only they are smaller in size and have smaller and more compact motors; these ATVs also have brakes which are bigger to give the user an easier hand control when navigating and using the handles. There are also a lot of added safety add-ons to make it easier and safer for children's use.

If you want to teach your child on how to operate an ATV, it is never too late! Nowadays, a lot of parents are starting to give and teach their children on how to use different kids ride on toys: From kids bike to kids quad; from kids motorcycles to kids scooters! Of course, the kids toys series will never be complete without the ATV! A toy four wheeler will teach a child on how to start steering the wheel, how to brake, and of course, how to make it go. What's more important with this is you will build the confidence of your child. You are also teaching him (or her) on how to be aware in his own environment. Once he starts to learn how to ride a car, it will make it easier and faster for him.




As parents, you would surely want to give the best for your children. You would like to buy an ATV which is well built, durable, and of course, safe. To ensure that you are giving the best of the best, you will go to a manufacturer who has years of excellent experiences and have sold several units across the globe. 

If it is your first time to purchase an ATV, you might be surprised to know that there are two types to choose from: the ATV electric and the kids quad gas. These two types are different from each other. They have their own advantages and disadvantages so for a first timer, it might be really hard to choose.


Price and Durability

ATV Electrics are usually less expensive in maintenance compared with an ATV quad 4 wheeler gas vehicle. They are also quieter when it comes to the noise level. However, since they come in cheaper price range, these ATVs are usually less powerful than the gas ones. If your child will be using it, chances are, they will not last longer. Your child might easily break it or even a part of it.

Kids squad gas, although they are more pricey compared to the electric ones, they are built to last you for several years to come. Even if your child will use in higher terrain, they will remain unscratched. 



Electric quads, from their name itself, run on electricity. The package, once you purchase it, will come with a charger and built-in batteries. In order for you to use the ATV, you would need to charge the quad first. All you just need to do is to attach the charger to an electric port in your house, in your garage or in a park (anywhere there is an electric outlet actually) and it will charge by itself.

ATV quad gas powered ones, on the other hand, run by gas. Just like an ordinary car, you need to put either diesel or gasoline in order for the quad to start.



Comparing the two types, an electric ATV is quieter than the gas ones. The gas ones are similar to a motorcycle which produces buzzing sounds. If your child will be using a gas ATV in the neighborhood, it might anger your neighbors especially if your child will be using it during resting hours. Electric ATVs, on the other hand, will feel as if your child is riding a car.



There are a lot of color variations for the Gas ATVs. They come in different sizes too! Plus, if your child would like a special customized color, like a combination of two or more different colors, there are a lot of manufacturers and sellers who can accommodate your requests. Since there are different variations to choose from, Gas ATVs can be a little intimidating for first time users. However, if you are planning to get the same color combination for the whole family, gas ATVs is the perfect choice because the ones available for the kids size can also be available in the adult version.



Reliability can be an issue in the type of ATV that you will be choosing. Since the electric ATV is run by batteries, it might not go as far as the gas ATV ones. One 6 hour full charging might last up to 5 miles. The biggest concern most people have with electric vehicles is battery life. If you drive aggressively, batteries will drain in big hurry. To help combat this, some vehicles come with several drive modes that limit to varying degrees how fast the unit can go.

Although a gas ATV can last longer, it is not recommended for use for children in the younger age group since it tends to run faster than the electric quads. 

A single full charge of an electric ATV will cost lesser than purchasing gas for your gas ATV.




It is your kid who will be using the ATV quad for a long time so it is important to choose an ATV for kids, whether it is a kids quad 4 wheeler gas or a kids quad 4 wheeler electric, that is based on the age and experience of the rider. Compared with a kids quadcopter or a kids quad bike, the kids quad 4 wheeler is easier to learn -- the learning curve is shorter.

If it is your kid's very first time to ride an ATV kids quad, then, an ATV quad 4 wheeler is the best choice. It is easier, more comfortable, and safer to use. Although your child will still experience a little difficulty at the beginning, your child will easily get on and be familiar with the ATV quad.

As a parent, you should also measure your child's emotional, physical, and psychological developments before you choose the ATV which suites his needs. The strength as well as the size of your child and also coordination and perception is important. Also look at your child’s discipline, focus, and reasoning capabilities.


Do not let your child ride an ATV without proper gear.

Wearing a helmet is very important. Make sure it has a snug and fits securely on your child's head. When shopping for a helmet (if you do not have one), make sure that you look for something with the US Department of Transportation as well as the American National Standards Institute labels. If the helmet you choose has one, it means that it is complying with the national test qualitifications.

Always see to it that your child wears the proper set of ankle shoes or a pair of boots. These should be paired with non-slip heels and soles. Your child should also wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, and gloves to protect his hands and body. To add extra safety precautions, knee and should pads and goggles are also highly recommended.


Safety training is a must.

As a parent, you must ensure that your kid should learn how to operate a quad by participating in approved programs for safety training. There are a lot of safety courses available only. Your kid will also earn a certificate of completion after completing the program and the safety exam. Here are some of the few websites where you will learn how to safely operate an ATV:

  • ATV Safety Certification from ATVcourses.com
  • 4-H Club ATV Safety e-learning courses.
  • The Canada Safety Council

Most states and provinces in the United States and in Canada have specific laws and regulations that address the operation and ridership of ATV drivers who are in the younger age group. 


Choosing the best accessories.

Other than the safety gear that is a must for your kid to use, there are a lot of accessories in the market which are specially made for ATV driver’s usage. These will enhance the experience of your kid whenever he is riding an ATV. A lot of young drivers, especially teenagers, who chooses to make their rides unique by sticking them with decals, putting cushions for the handles, and brush guards. More useful items include extra gas tanks, tire changing kits and portable air compressors, as well as tool kits.

To ensure that riding an ATV is safer and more enjoyable, there are a lot of dealers, sellers, as well as different manufacturing companies who came up with different lines of accessories for riders of all ages.




If you will be storing your ATV quad kids ride-ons, it is important to protect it with a tarp or a waterprof cloth. If you will be using it for a longer period of time, it is important to do these recommendations to help extend the life of your ATV.


Drain the Fuel

Over time, gasoline deteriorates. If you would like your kids quad gas to be stored and last for a longer time, you would need to drain the fuel tank, carburettors, and fuel lines. You also need to add a fuel stabilizer to preserve the fuel and the gas.

Empty gas tanks are more exposed to rust so adding fuel stabilizers is highly recommended especially during humid climates.


Remove, Clean, and Recharge the Quad’s Battery

If you will not be charging your quad’s battery, the battery will lose its power. In order to preserve its life, you need to remove it if you will not use it for a long time. Check the water level. If the water level is low, refill it with distilled water. Clean the battery housing and the terminals with water and baking soda solution. Make sure to recharge the battery every month using a battery tender or a slow charger.


Check the tires

Depending on the manufacturer’s specification and instructions, inflate the tires according to their directions. Prop up the ATV using blocks or jack stand in order to relieve the stress on its suspension system. See to it that the ATV is secured and will not tip over. 


Prepare the ATV for covering

During the cold winter season, make sure to store your ATV in the garage or any covered area. If there is a need for you to cover the ATV, do not use plastic. Plastic materials can retain the moisture inside which will cause the metal parts of your quad to rust. It will also promote the growth and formation of mildew and molds which are hard to remove.

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