How to Replace the Parts of Your Electric Bike

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Are you concerned about the range of your electric bike? In some cases an electric bike's range can be a common problem, depending up the type of ebike you ride, how often you ride and type of battery pack on your electric bike. Here are a few tips and tricks you can do in order to extend your ebike's range that will help you get the most range of your ride and your money's worth!

First off, always make sure that the battery of your ebike is fully charged before you ride. A lot of users usually forget to charge the battery especially during busy and exhausting days. You may create a routine wherein you will immediately charge the battery once you get home or whatever is the most convenient for you -- it totally depends on you.

This might be the most obvious one: Pedal harder! You can either lessen the assist setting and use less throttle or you can also turn off the motor and pedal your way to your destination.

You may also opt to pedal harder during specific times. When you accelerate from a stop, it wastes a lot of energy in the part of your electric bike. If you pedal more or use the motorless capability of your bike, you are conserving the energy of the motor. In addition, when you ride uphill, peddling can be a little harder but it will help improve the range of your bike.

Enjoy a slow bike ride and take things easy. If you already notice it, the more you resist the wind, the more you will feel drained as well as the battery's energy. If you want to extend the range of your battery with just a single charge, ride a little slower. Reduce the wind drag. You will not only feel that you are lesser drained; riding slower is also safer!

Another, tips is keep the pressure of the tires up. By doing this, it will surely make a huge difference in how much energy you as well as your bike is spending. Low tire pressure will make your electrical bike feel sluggish. It is recommended for you to keep your tire pressure between 50 to 60 psi. However, remember not to inflate your tires as well because it will lead you to a rough ride.

If you ebike is a number of year old or well ridden, then, it is time to replace your battery. 

Also, remember to oil your bike's chain. Oiling your bike's chain will not only improve the pedalling efficiency of your bike; it also improves the efficiency of you electric bicycles motor. After oiling or applying lube to your bike's chain, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe off the excess with a rag.

Take care of your bike's battery. Always make sure to store your battery at room temperature. Most batteries do not operate well in excessive cold or hot temperatures.

It's also a good idea to regularly charge your battery. If you don't ride your ebike ofter during the winter season, you'll need to store your battery with a full charge. If you don't use the bike often, you should charge it every few months.


NOTE: This is an independently written article and does not reflect the views of Rosso Motors. Always refer to your products Owners Manual for accurate product safety and care.

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