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All Terrain Vehicles, aka ATVs, are off road vehicles used predominantly for recreational activities. If you're starting your kids early there are a ton of options for kids ATV's that operate much like their full-size, adult counterparts but modelled down in size and speed making a fun, ease to use toy for younger children.

Kids ATV's are again the mini version, they usually have a governor switch to regulate speed and are suitable for ages 3 - 8 years of age (recommended max weight of 90 lbs/42 kg).

As children get older they can move onto more serious ATV options which have greater power, speed and dexterity. For now we will stick to the kids toys! 

If you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing a mini ATV for you children, here are a few things to take into account:


What Exactly Is An ATV?


ATVs are motorized vehicles which are used on and off road. They have four large balloon style tires and there is a seat in a middle where the rider straddles while steering by the handlebars. Although there are still some three wheeler ATVs in the market, manufacturers stopped making them in the 80's. This is due to the safety and stability of the three wheeler ATVs.

Full-size ATV can weigh more than 800 pounds. They have large and powerful engines which allow them to reach up the speed of 50 miles per hour or more. Due to the popularity of ATV's worldwide manufactures have created models for every age group, even children as young as 2 years old. When it comes to young kids, these mini motos are build for them, pint-sized with safety controls, slow speed options, light weight and easy to ride outdoors and through backyard.


Who Can Ride An ATV?


When it comes to riding full-size adult ATVs, in some area there are local/federal regulations and age limits. Each state has their own laws and guidelines. There are some states which require ATV riders to be 16 years. They should also have a safety certificate. However, there are other states which allow kids as young as 10 years old to ride ATVs provided that they are supervised by an adult who has a driver's license in possession.

Kids ATV's are toys meant for kids, which can be ridden safely in the comforts of your own backyards onwards. Check you guide to see recommend age range and weight capacity to ensure its the right choice for your little ones. 

If you are planning to teach your children to ride an All Terrain Vehicle, it is best to start them out early, with a kids ATV toy. There are several models of vehicle that replicate an ATV available for children ages 3-8 years of age. They are battery powered and very light with speed controls to keep it slow. Real slow. Riding a toy ATV allows children to learn new skills from steering, braking, reversing to balance and navigation. It builds confidence and familiarity in a controlled environment. Once they get moving, it will be difficult to get them off there new quad.



  • Underage riders should be supervised by an adult at all times
  • Know the terrain. Know where your child is riding check the terrain in advance. This includes paying attention to the weather conditions. Anticipating the terrain will help riders know how to react, which will keep them safe and help them to enjoy the ride.
  • Choose an ATV which is right for your child's age and weight. 
  • Follow the manufacturers recommended age, height, and weight guidelines.
  • Ensure your child is wearing appropriate safety gear: Helmet, gloves, eye protection. In a lot of states, helmets and eye protection is required by law, especially if it involves kids.
  • For the safety of your body, wear long pants, long sleeves, over the ankle boots, and gloves. 
  • Ride the ATV during daylight hours only.
  • Always ride at a safe speed in a designated area.




The ATV is a popular investment for recreation enthusiasts and those who love the outdoors.

Anyone can reasonably expect to get on and ride with little difficulty. Where the dirt bike poses a balancing challenge the four-wheel ATV can be looked at like as much more stable option. 

However, for the beginner, riding on four-wheels is easier, more comfortable and drastically reduces the learning curve. Jumping on a dirt bike for the first time and riding off in the sunset is much less likely to happen when compared to grabbing the controls of a quad and being able to roll out in five minutes.

For your kid to get the maximum enjoyment out of there ATV, it is best to buy an ATV based on your kid's age and experience. If you're part of a family with little kids. you won't all be riding the same ATV. 




First decide on what your plans are for the 4-wheeler. If it's fun in the sun on the track or trail then you'll want a smaller youth model for the kids and perhaps a more entry-level kids quad with a 125cc to 250cc engine for you. This will give you and your kid enough power to have fun and push your limits but not too much power where you might get hurt.

Whether you are planning it on a Sunday morning run up the trail near your home or on a Tuesday in the endless, trail-less sand dune, knowing how to plan your trip can make it much more exciting, memorable, and of course, safe.




  • Since your 4 wheeler is a machine, it's important to keep it well maintained to extend the life of this toy.
  • Make sure that the tires are not showing any signs of wear and tear. They should also have the proper air pressure.
  • Check the brakes, throttle cables, and clutch. They should be adjusted and lubricated as necessary. The battery and all the lights should also be working.


Enjoying riding and keep safe!!!


NOTE: This is an independently written blog and it does not reflect the views, guidelines or recommendations of Rosso Motors.

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