Purchasing Your First Ebike

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What's an ebike, aka electric bike? 

Take cycling to the next level, ebikes are like your traditional pedal/road bike, but with an option for battery powered riding. Battery powered riding allows you to take a break from pedal, ride faster, ride longer, and some electric bikes even have the added USB charges for your mobile devices. Most people deem them the next generation in cycling,

Here are a few things to take into account when purchasing your first ebike. Read on.

Pricing of Commercial E-bikes

If you are planning to buy a commercial e-bike from a bike dealer, you should be ready to pay at least $1750. There are also other bikes which are priced at $3,000. However, if you would like to splurge a little and buy a fancier one, such as Yamaha or Bosch, be ready to pay from $4000 to $7000.

However, how can you be so sure that you will be liking it even if you pay higher amount to get it? There are still a lot of overpriced commercial e-bikes that are underpowered. They are designed mostly for people in the older age; those who are having a hard time pedaling the traditional ones and will rely mostly in the motor feature.

If you are having troubles choosing which is the best electrical bike for you because there are a lot of e-bikes available out there, you are in the right place! For sure, since you have a lot of choices, it can be overwhelming especially if you do not have any idea on what to choose.

Let us narrow down what will be the best electrical bike for you.


The Power That You Need


A bigger motor does not mean it will give you more power. High power systems require a larger battery so you will get a better range. However, an electric bike with high power system is already a motorcycle -- it is beating the purpose of having an electric bike.

You might think that the e-bikes with 200 to 400 watts are not a better option to choose but if you will look into it: They are! If you are planning to use your bike for everyday commuting, choosing bikes on this range will enable you to travel faster; and the more important thing, you can travel lighter too!

The feel of your bike's power also depends on where it is being applied. If the bike you choose has a mid drive motor, you would need to shift your bike properly too. This is to make sure that the motor is not bogged down whenever you are shifting your gear.


Do I Need Longer Range?


It depends on you and your needs. If you are planning to use it on your way to work on a daily basis, you do not need that much range. However, if you are a regular weekend biker and would travel from one town to another, then, you might consider getting one with the longer capacity.

Always remember that having greater range means you would need to pay significant costs as well. Since the range of your bike depends on the power of your battery, it means that you would need to spend more money on it. The battery pack is the most expensive part of an electric bike. The more you would want it to last, the more cost you should be willing to pay.

A standard electrical bike comes with a 400 watt battery. This battery will let you drive for about 20 up to 35 miles, depending on the condition of the place you will be driving, the amount of pedal power, as well as the weight of the rider and your cargo.

Just an additional tip, if you are commuting to your office every day using your electrical bike, you may just want to bring an additional charge with you. Instead of investing money in getting a better battery pack, you will save a lot if you will just be charging your bike once you arrive at your office premises.


How Much Should I Be Spending?


Like any other products, you would like to get what you paid for an electrical bike. That is why it is important for you to evaluate how often you will be using the e-bike as well as how much you are willing to pay.

If you will be riding occasionally, you do not need to buy the highest quality bike. You do not need to have too many high technical features too.

On the other hand, if you will be using the bike to commute to work and taking the kids to school, for sure, you will be riding a lot. These bikes have high quality batteries and have longer lifespan. However, these bikes are in the price range of $2000 to $3500.

If you are into high technical features and would like to have larger batteries, cargo bikes, and full suspension, do not forget to add more cost if you would like to drive more comfortably.


Know the Laws of Your State

You should be aware of what are your local state's law are. Are they allowing you to drive in local places? What are the other regulations concerning electrical bikes?

Many states are limiting electrical bikes to operate under 20 miles per hour, and helmets may be required by law . Most local states will also not require you to get any special insurance or license along with your electrical bike. 


Should I Get Factory Built One or Should I Just Purchase Electric Bike Kits?

There are a lot of electric bike kits available. If you would like to use your favorite mountain bike and turn it into an electric mountain bike, for sure, there will be no problem at all. On the other hand, purchasing a factory built bike.


NOTE: This is an independently written article and it does not reflect the views of Rosso Motors.

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