Should I Buy A Pocket Bike For My Kid?

Posted by Kenneth Poon on

Gas powered pocket bikes are one of the hottest rideable toys on the market today.  

With the feel and the look of a full-size spots motorcycle, pocket bikes offer the experience of riding a sports motorcycle; but pint sized. Don't let it's size fool you these bikes are similar in intensity to it's larger counterpart.

Pocket bikes, which are also known as mini bikes, offers you the opportunity to experience the feeling of a motorcycle ride. However, without the hassles and the danger of the bigger bike. They are a smaller version of an ordinary motorcycle, a mini motorcycle -- as if you are looking at their brother.

Just like an ordinary motorbike, pocket bikes offer a unique riding experience, lots of fun, and an affordable dose of adrenaline! Roughly 25 mph (40mph) at it's max speed. This thing moves! 

These speedy mini pocket rockets are not only for adults. A lot of parents are now purchasing pocket bikes for their children. Keep in mind the recommended minimum recommended rider age is 13+ years old and maximum weight capacity is 160 lbs (72kg). Depending on the age and the size of your child, a mini motorcross bike could be the best bet for for a kid who likes speed. It preps kids in the 13+ age range for large models if there interested in taking their 2 wheeler to the next level. Many of them have hydraulic brakes and working switches, horn and lights which also lends to the quick adaptation to full size motorcycles. Mini pocket bikes are definitely more challenging to ride than the average bicycle or dirt bike, due to it's higher speed, but by no means are they difficult to ride. As with everything, there is a learning curve. As long as the rider meets the age/weight requirements, feels confident and practices in a safe area there should not be a problem learning how to drive these minimotos.




Love cycling, dirt biking or taking an ATV out for some off roading? Pocket bikes will take you to the next level of speed and enjoyment. Gas powered, portable and light weight, these toys are made for speed. 

Getting you active and outside, pocket bikes even enhance your skills for riding larger street legal sports bikes. 

Fun for the whole family

Most of the time, it is the simple things in life that are the most rewarding. Learning how to ride a pocket bike is one of them. Mini pocket bikes are fun for all ages, well 13+, ease to use and offer fun of enjoyment.  From mothers to fathers, children, and even grandparents can take part in a family mini motorcycle ride. It is a great way for you to share quality time.


Easy on the wallet

Pocket bikes are much more cost effective than larger street legal sports bikes. Small gas tanks, mean less gas and more money in your pocket. AND if you choose to by online maybe you'll luck out with a site that offers free shipping!


Gets you outside

Get outdoors more. These toys will bring you back to the great outdoors and fast!


Stimulates the brain

The mere act of riding will activate the pre-frontal areas of the brain, and those who ride a motorcycle more often can improve cognitive functions. Researchers have noted a definite difference in the level of brain stimulation in those who ride a motorcycle regularly and those who have not been on their bike for some time.


Cognitive development

It is in a child’s nature to want to explore, have fun and generally just to have an unharnessed amount of curiosity about life and the world. Children begin to explore their environment and learn very early in life.

Movement is crucial for cognitive development. For children, this movement component may be more difficult. It is imperative that a child is offered some way to independently move and explore.


Visual Perception

Movement and cognition are linked hand in hand as are movement and hand-eye coordination or visual perception. One learns to perceive and visually process their surrounding through movement. For example, a child learns how close they are to the wall or table after bumping into it. Movement is so important for these higher level skills to develop to their full potential while adding significance to the environment and its lessons.

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