Tips & Tricks In Buying A Kids ATV

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So your kids want an ATV, now what? Many parents and caregivers alike feel a bit nervous at the thought purchasing an ATV for their children. Teens and even adults alike can find the adult version pretty intimidating. No need to worry, kids ATV are build for children under 13 years old, down to size, safety, and speed controls, these are kids toys, made for play.

Buying a kids ATV is a pretty exciting experience, especially if you've experience owning and driving a full-size ATV yourself. To find the right toy, you just need to do a little research. I've broken down a few key points below to help.

Like an expensive piece of jewelry or a car, you have two options to choose from when buying a kids ATV: New or Used. The decision whether you want to buy it brand new or used still depends on you as a buyer, however, there are a lot of possible reasons why you would make such decisions.


First thing you need to consider is your budget. The average cost of a brand new full-size ATV can run up to $10,000. The price depends on the size of the engine, the brand, plus the add-ons which can raise or lower the costs. 

For people who are low on a budget, they would prefer purchasing used ones from people who does not want to use the ATV anymore. However, the color, the features, the brand, and the appearance of the unit cannot be controlled by the buyer, especially if you are tight on funds. 

If it's brand new, most offer a warranty plus there will be no concerns from the seller to cover up if there is an accident or unseen damage since you can file a dispute for the warranty after.


Secondly, consider the age and experience of the ATV's primary rider. ATV's come in different sizes, makes, model and varying capacities for speed. It is important to match the right features of the main rider in order to have a more enjoyable ATV experience.

There are a lot of kids ATV's in the market for children as young as 3-8 years old, pre-teens models, and standard/full-size ATV's for teens and adults. Another factor to consider is also the weight of the rider. Most ATV's kids and adults alike have recommended ages for use. Keep in mind kids ATV for ages 3-8 years old are toys.


Third, consider where the ATV will be used. From flat terrain and easy backyard use to varied light trails. You should choose a four-wheel drive ATV with enhanced traction in order to support the body when driving. Since it is suited to the trail, your child will have a more enjoyable riding experience. On the other hand, if you are just using it in plain or regular trails, a two-wheel drive can work well.


Do your research. Safety first when considering purchasing your ATV. Remember kids ATV's are toys for kids. It's always recommended the riders fit within the manufactures recommended age and weight requirements. Underaged riders should always be accompanied by adults and wear proper safety gear to avoid injuries. It's best to ensure your children first know how to use this toy, try the speed regulating governor switch slow cruising while they learn how to operate their new toy. Ensure the terrain is safe and also check city bylaws for operating outside of your backyard and off road.


Maintaining Your ATV


Before riding off into the sunset, or spending 1000 hours on your ATV, check out these tips for new ATV owners and do a little "homework" to ensure you get the most fun, and longest riding life of your new ATV.

A lot of people take for granted that just because they purchased a brand new ATVs, it will last as long as they want it to, but they fail to realize that in order to prolong the life span of their ATVs, it is important that they maintain their ATV with proper care. Or, in some cases, there are many who do not even know how to properly maintain their ATVs.


Read The Owner’s Manual

Read the owner’s manual first before use. The owner's manual on your new kids quad should provide operating tips, riding tips and what to do before that first ride or what not to do like start it up and roll the throttle while in neutral to impress friends. Some manufacturers may require certain steps to take before starting the engine the first time. The owner's manual is also your go-to for maintenance schedules and finding information on buying the right replacement parts.


Keep it clean

It is best that you wash your ATV after each ride and not wait till the dirt becomes too difficult clean. While you dry it off, do remember to check all the fasteners and levers and always ride your machine for about a minute to dry out the brake pads. It is also recommended that you apply WD40 to all the pivots, levers, and exhaust pipe to prevent rust and premature wear. 


Use the right tools

It is important that you use the proper tools for the different parts of your ATV. If your a trained mechanic and intend to do your own engine work, it is best that you invest in a high quality torque wrench because your engine will definitely last longer when it is properly assembled with the correct torque on the fasteners.


Polish your ATV to keep the mud stain away

It is been said that floor polish used on the plastic parts of your ATV will not only keep your machine shiny - it will also keep the mud away. Even if you do get mud stain on the plastic, you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth. Another way of cleaning the stains off if your machine has white plastic is to use an SOS pad. 


Pay attention to the battery

As with any other kind of vehicle, one of the most important aspects to consider with your ATV is the battery. Usually, your battery will be just fine to get through the spring, summer, and fall months, charging it, and keeping your quad. However, when you go to store you ATV during the winter season, it is important to follow a few maintenance steps to make sure that the battery will still be useful for you at the end of the cold spell.

Start by removing the battery from the ATV and cleaning the terminals. This can be done with a mixture of baking soda and warm water, though some automotive experts say that a can of Coca Cola can do the job as well. Battery terminals can become heavily corroded or covered with oil and other gunk over time, and cleaning them is important to making sure your power source is charging and delivering energy to your ride.

Your battery will drain if you leave it unattended for months at a time, so consider investing in a battery gauge to make sure you’re at full charge. 


Check the air in your tires

Yes, this is a very important part of the ritual of maintaining your precious ATV. Before you ride on your machine, check the tire pressure. If you intend to ride on rocky conditions on your machine or if you are going for higher speed riding, you need to run higher tire pressures for your ATV.

If your handling has been feeling sluggish, there’s a good chance that your tire pressure is down.

Buy a tire gauge especially for your ATV and check the air regularly, whether because you haven’t driven your quad in awhile or because you aren’t getting the sharp handling that you want.

The front tires are the most important to keep inflated, but take the time to check and top off the rear ones as well. Doing so will give you a smoother ride in the short term and will mean your tires last longer in the long run.


Tighten the lug nuts on the wheels 

While you’re checking the air in the tires, take a moment to tighten the lug nuts and make sure the wheels are securely fastened to the vehicle.

When you first purchase an ATV, chances are pretty good that the wheels have already come a bit loose in transit. Rides in the field can do a lot to loosen the lug nuts as well, especially if you’ve been riding over tough terrain, so make sure to check and tighten your lug nuts on a regular basis.

Most ATV owners indicate that aluminium wheels are plagued with the loosest and most temperamental lug nuts, so if you’re riding on aluminium, take special note of this one.


Making Sure That Your Kid Is Safe When Riding


Whether you are getting the quad just for your child's enjoyment or you would like to keep it as an investment, always keep in mind that ATV riding is fun but alwys keep safety in mind when operating rideable toys. Here are some of the tips you and your child can do in order to be safe especially if it is both your first time to ride an ATV.


Wearing Gear

Always have your child wear safety gear such as helmet, googles, gloves, and boots. There are no seat belts on an ATV so amour up!


Don't Let Him Drive Alone

Accidents can and do happen so it is never a good idea to let your child ride alone. Always supervised underage riders. Use a governor switch to control the ATV's max speed and ensure you children understand how to ride their new toy. 


Limit One Driver Per Quad

Unless the ATV is for two people, only one person should ride at any time.


Ride On Designated Trails

Do not let your child ride their ATV anywhere -- only in designated riding areas. Not only is it for the safety of others; it also prevents wear and tear. Check out the riding area and terrain first before you ride.



Take it easy and ensure you child practices riding frequently to ensure your child knows how to operate their minimoto. It's important that riders fully understand each lever's function are competent operators of the machine.

Investing in a new quad is much like investing in a new car..but mini...and for you kids. Oh yes, and it's a toy. Riding a kids quad for the first time is a unique experience and one your kid will never forget. Following the steps above prevents premature wear and tear on your new ATV, helps reduce maintenance headaches and keeps you riding safely for a long time to come.



Disclaimer: These are use at your own risk toys and Rosso Motor's is not responsible for any injury's that result in the use of our products. Ride safe.

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