Why is a Pocket Bike Better than an Ordinary Bike?

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You have likely seen them zoom past on the streets before and wondered "What on earth is that?" A rider speeding by on top of what looks like a mini motorcycle. Literally, a real sports motorcycle but shrunk down...and moving fast, roughly 25 mph kinda fast!

You have just seen a pocket bike.


What is a pocket bike?


Pocket bikes are fun rides. They are designed in style and in class to look like a smaller version of a sports motorcycle. Although they are small in appearance, these pocket bikes are built with either aluminum or steel frames. Although they are not as fast as modern cars or bigger motorcycles, they still have the speed enough to get over hills and for the rider to have lots of fun. Although it still depends on the size and weight of the person riding the pocket bike to decide how fast it will go, there are a lot of things to learn and do with these bikes.


Smaller in size but packaged with power


Pocket bikes are smaller in size and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. A mini motorcross bike is still giving you the same feeling as a motorcycle only this time, it is smaller in size and slower in speed. 


These motorcycles for kids and adults are becoming a huge trend in the biking world. If you want one for yourself or for your love one, there are a lot to choose from in the market today. However, before making grabbing your very own minimoto it is best to always have a good idea and to do some research so that you may find the best bike for you and your needs.


What kinds of pocket bikes are there?


These bikes can be run on either gas or electricity. So what is the difference between the two?

When you get one which is run on gasoline, you will notice that they are cheaper to run. This is because they are using very little gas at all. Because they run on gas, these gas powered mini bikes can reach higher speeds and are easier to drive around, compared to the electricity powered ones. 

The electric pocket bikes are just as fun as the gas powered minibikes. They run on batteries that you need to recharge from time to time. These bikes typically come with a charger when purchased. When the battery dies, you just need to charge overnight and your good to go (or a few hours, depending on the manufacturer's instructions). Although these are often cheaper than the gas powered mini bikes, they are limited by speed and functionality, which may be more desirable for underage riders.

Since pocket bikes are everywhere, do your research first before you purchase one. Think about what you are going to use it for and who is it for. Think about the area where you live and which is the better choice for you: Is it better to purchase a pocket bike or should I buy an ordinary bike instead?


Why should I purchase a pocket bike than an ordinary bike?


In youth, you surely experienced riding your favorite bicycle, scooter or even a mini motorcycle. Surely it made you feel exhilarated and free. Plus, it gave you the independence and the freedom to go around.

For sure, you want your child or younger sibling to experience those feelings too. You do not want to wait for him or her to grow old just to start enjoying the benefits of being free.

Pocket bike riding has a lot of benefits. Although all of us are aware that the a regular bicycle ride will already contribute to a person's physical health, there are still a lot of reasons why you should choose a pocket bike and why is it better than a regular bicycle.


It will keep you active: Physically and Mentally

As recommended by doctors, a person should engage in at least one hour of physical activity or exercise daily in order to stay healthy. However, a lot of people are not meeting these guidelines resulting to either obesity.


It will make you feel more relaxed

If you are doing something you like, most likely, you will feel more relaxed and less tensed. That is happening if you are spending more time on a pocket bike. Not only will you clear your head and feel more relaxed; it will also help you not think about the troubles you are encountering or other distractions on the side. While you are driving a minimoto, your main goal is to focus on driving -- so that means other side thoughts should be set aside.


Helps your heart rate increase

Whenever you are riding a pocket bike, your heart rate increases just like the way it increases when you are jogging or doing other endurance exercises.

An average one hour ride will help bring your heart rate into 130s. If you are incorporating jumps, hills, and other obstacles, chances are, your heart rate will increase to 150s.


Better Balance and Endurance

You would need to use your leg muscles when driving especially if you are accelerating up and down the hill or whenever you are doing jumps.

During your biking activity, you are also utilizing the muscles in your legs and arms. Since you are operating the pedals and hand gears, it is considered as a simple yet sufficient exercise for everyone.


Saves you money

Pocket bikes, whether gas mini motorcross bike or electric, are easy on the pocket books. Not a full-sized motorcycle, so not a full-sized price. Most pocket bikes are priced competitively, if you opt for more durable models, built like their full-size counterparts, with sturdy steel frames, and durable rubber tires you'll have a minibike that lasts. Just gas up and go.


More options to choose from

There are a lot of designs, sizes, and shapes to choose from when it comes to pocket bikes. Just like a real motorcycle you have options to customize: size, color, and style. Always make sure you the riders meets the recommended age and weight suggestion for the bike you're looking to buy.


It makes biking more exciting

Most people are so used to ordinary bicycles they neglect to see the evolution in how we ride. On the market now we have electric bikes, pocket bikes, scooters, mini dirt bikes, and more.

When it comes to pocket bikes, it peaks a bit of curiosity in most people. Since the concept is new and more innovative then mainstream rides, many are jumping on the bandwagon. Sales of electric bikes and pocket bikes have increase dramatically over the years as people are looking to get around faster with ease... and a little fun. Although pocket bikes are similar to an ordinary motorcycles, but much smaller, people view them as a new;  innovative way to play.

After the introduction of pocket bikes, more and more people are purchasing these power wheels. More and more people are too excited to go back to biking because using this different medium trigger their curiosity and excitement.


You have two choices: Electric or Gas

With pocket bikes, you can choose between the two: Electric or Gas. If you would like to conserve more energy and save the environment, you can choose electric. Plus, the amount of money you will be spending is relatively less since you just need to charge them at the comforts of your home. 

If you would like more power and faster speed, then, the gas pocket bikes are the best option for you. One full tank and you can enjoy the speed and the experience as if you are driving a full pledged motorcycle – only this time, the 49cc mini pocket bikes is just a quarter of the original size.


Make safety top of mind. Here are a few things to keep in mind?

  • Make sure the rider is within the recommended age and weight range.
  • Drivers, regardless of who or where should always comply with local traffic laws and regulations. Check to see if pocket bikes are street legal in you area and know where to ride. 
  • When you are riding at night, make sure that you are wearing the proper clothing. Wear bright colored clothes to allow the other drivers around the visibility to see you. You should have some kind of reflective items on your bike as well for even better visibility. 
  • Do not ride alone. When possible, ride with another person to ensure safety. You never know when you could break down or get into trouble. It is always better to ride in a pair no matter what you are doing. A pocket bike ride is no different. Not only for safety but because you will have more fun when you are riding with someone too. Know your pocket bike. 
  • Before you start going out on rides you should get to know your bike. Learn how to position your bike in the right ways so that you are feeling safe and secure. Make sure that you know how to operate the bike in the proper way so that you are practicing safety and fun at the same time. There is no rush and you should take the time to learn as much as you can about your pocket bike so that you are prepared for anything. 
  • Anyone that is on a pocket bike needs to wear a helmet and other protective gear. You should make sure that you are wearing knee and elbow pads as well as eye gear. When you are on a pocket bike, you may find that you want to protect your eyes so that nothing gets in them while you are on the go. You should wear these items not only for your safety but also because it is the law.
  • Only ride on a smooth, hard surface. Gas powered mini bikes are not intended for off-road conditions and can break down or cause you to lose control in such situations. Caution should be exercised when rolling over obstacles.
  • Use common sense when you are using your pocket bike. Do not try foolish stunts that could be potentially dangerous. You should keep in mind that this is not a toy and that you should use it in the same way that a car or motorcycle would be used. Safety is always first and you should be aware of the other drivers on the road. You are not out to impress anyone on your pocket bike. These bikes are all about having fun the safe way.
  • Check your pocket bike before each ride. You should carefully go over the bikes frame to make sure that everything is in good working order. You will have to check the tires, the motor and the brakes. These are very important items on your bike and it will be necessary to keep them in good working order. Also, check the lights if any and the seat and handle bars to be sure that they are tight and ready for your ride.
  • Regardless of how the item’s marketed, remember that pocket bikes are primarily intended for use by persons aged 13 or older.

These are use at your own risk toys and Rosso Motor's is not responsible for any injury's that result in the use of our products. Ride safe.

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