Why Is It Important To Do Scheduled Maintenance to Your Bike

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Buying a mini motorcross bike is an investment. There are no other and no better ways to protect your investment other than properly maintaining your minimoto.

There are a lot of things to do to ensure that your bike will last for a long time. You may either keep the chains oiled, inflate the tires properly, and adjust the brakes. 


The Basics


Bike maintenance is a wide topic. If you want your power wheels to last longer, proper maintenance is the key.

Do not overlook the maintenance by a mechanic. If you use your mini motorcross bike regularly or if you have motorcycles for you kids, then, you should regularly maintain look after these toys. This is to ensure that the bearing surfaces, components, and cables of your bikes are thoroughly inspected and serviced when needed.


Inspecting Your Bike

The best way to prevent loose components and broken mini pocketrockets is to have a routine inspection first before riding the bike. By doing so, you are also helping catch potential problems that may further develop.


Always Check the Tire Pressure Before Your Ride

See to it that the pressure of the tire is where you want them to be. You may use an inexpensive digital gauge to check it as well. Nothing is as bad as changing your tire during your exciting ride. While checking the pressure, also check the tire wear too. Inspect it for other damages for your safety.

Check the brakes. Before you go to the high terrain, do a quick test drive around your house (you can try your backyard!). If the brake feels a little loose, there may be some bubble inside that you need to pump a few times. If it doesn’t work, you may also turn your bike upside down. 

If the brakes feel a bit soft, check your pads. It should not be worn. Also, check the lines and ensure that there isn’t a leak. If the brakes feel solid, you do not need to check the pads each and every ride. However, checking them every now and then is better.

Check your shifting. When you do your quick test ride, make sure to run through all your gears too. If you feel off, check and make sure that the wheels are seated properly. If the wheels are seated properly thru the axles or in the skewers and they still feel off, adjust the barrel adjuster.

Check the chain as well. Make sure that all the links are running across the chain ring and the cassette. They should not be skipping. If they do, you would need to lube it.

Test the pedals. The pedals are one of the most overlooked part of a bike. Whenever you hit rocks or roots, these parts will usually get abused. They can also accumulate dirt and grime so it is important for you to keep them clean. 

Making sure it fits. Before you ride your bike, make sure that it feels as if it is the last time you rode the bike. 


After Every Ride

Inspect the bike. Make sure that there are no cracks in the handle bars or frame. Check the other items such as the brakes and drive train too. It is better to know that a part needs servicing before your next ride.


Check the Bike Itself

It is important to have a regular schedule of maintenance. If you spend a lot of time riding in a muddy or wet condition or if you drive fast, it is important to clean your bike often.

You do not need to wash your bike every after ride. In fact, exposing them to water and soap often will wear them down. Washing your bike depends on the place where you live and usually drive as well as the current season that you have. If you frequently ride in a wet or muddy condition, you need to wash your bike more often. A weekly gentle wash is enough to keep your bike clean from testing, inspection, and lubrication.

Whenever you are washing your mini motorcross bike, whether you are using gas pocket bikes or motorcycles for kids, do not use a pressure washer. Using a high powered hose to the bottom bracket and hubs will further damage your bike. You may use any liquid soap without strong detergents. If you are not sure of what to use, there are liquids soaps formulated for bikes. 

Lube the drivetrain. Clean the chain and wipe it off. You may use any lube of your choice. If you are not sure of which lube to use, you may ask your local bike shop to provide suggestions. If you will be lubing the chain after a ride, it will let you the lube sink into the chain attracting lesser dust and sand. When lubing it, go slowly. Add just a tiny drop to the link then wipe off all the excess. It is not advisable to use a lot of lube since it will just attract dirt and dust. It will also interfere with your shifting. Remember not to scrub or deep clean the chain too often too. You may do it at least once a month depending on how often you ride and where you ride.

It is also important to take your bike for service every season, most especially if it is spring or winter. Whenever you take your bike for professional service, especially if you are using gas powered mini bikes or 49cc mini pocket bikes, the service will include the shocks and forks, rebuilding the hubs, bleeding brakes, refreshing tire sealant, deep cleaning, lubing, and detailed inspection. If you can do everything by yourself, then, that is better.


The Chain


Another thing you need to learn in maintaining your bike is learn how to size your chain. You might think it is difficult but it is actually not; you just need to do it correctly.


Re-sizing your chain

Before you resize your chain, you need to take out the pins first.

Make sure that you do not remove all the links. 

After removing the correct links, reconnect the correct links. 


Correcting the Chain Tension

The chain of your bike will start to stretch and even fall off after some time if you do not do anything about it. For you to adjust the chain's tension, you need to loosen the engine mounting bolts first. If you will be able to loosen it, it will allow you to move the engine block backwards and forwards.

It is also a must for you to let your bike's chain play a little. Over-tightening it will degrade the chain life and the horse power. If there is severe over tightening, when you are in an idle position, the clutch will surely engage.

Whenever you are fitting a brand new chain, you should expect that the chain will relax a bit. That is why you need to correct the tension several times. Always keep in mind that bike tension is one of the most important and crucial parts of pocket bike maintenance.


Lubricating the Chain

The chains of your pocket bike is called roller chains. For it to work, the steel links will rub against the steel tubes. For it to go smoother, lubrication is important. To properly maintain your bike, it is a must to apply lubricant on the chain under the tubes to extend the life of your roller chains.

The best way to lubricate the chain is to remove it then soak it overnight in the lubricant. The lubricant should be soaking overnight to allow it to penetrate to the rollers. Spraying the lubricants on the chain is not recommended at all.


Aligning the Chain

When maintaining the roller chains, you need to make sure that the drive sprockets and the clutch are aligned.

For you to check the chain alignment of your pocket bike, you need to rotate the drive wheel in reverse direction. Check if the chain is properly feeding at the back of the rear sprocket. The roller chain should be at the middle of the sprocket. If the chain is not in the middle, adjust the alignment by removing or adding spacers until it is aligned.

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