About us

Located in the heart of beautiful BC, Canada, LoveOutdoor.co is a store specialized in all-terrain vehicles for adults, four wheeler for kids, pocket bikes, electric bikes and scooters, and dirt bikes. Started by a group of friends who are enthusiastic in biking and sports, our ambition is to bring families and friends the joy of outdoor activities.

If you're looking for quality vehicles that help make life easier, you have come to the right place. LoveOutdoor.co is here to cater to your vehicle needs whether for work or for play.

In today's world where getting to your destination on time is the top priority, we aim to provide you with scooters that make traveling breezy, electric bikes that beat traffic, and dirt bikes that can stand the heat and rain. But all work and no play make a dull person, so we also have vehicles for your hobby needs. Bring all out adventure with our ATV for kids and adults and pocket bikes for extra fun!



Established on 2017, LoveOutdoor.co is not your ordinary vehicle store. We aim to provide the best navigating experience to our customers through our high-quality, ergonomic products that are available for day to day use. Not only do we have two-wheel motors and scooters that can make traveling to the office easier for you, we also have pocket bikes, ATV for kids, teens and all-terrain vehicles for adults that can provide a one-of-a-kind hobby experience to you and the whole family. Quality and customer satisfaction are at the top of our priority list; what you expect is what you will get.

As you browse through our website, you will see that LoveOutdoor.co is not your ordinary seller of ATV, pocket bikes, and scooters; we offer so much more. This is because we belong to a group of companies which aim to bring out the best products in the market without making our customers burdened with the heavy price. As a seller, we aim for total quality deliver. As a supplier, we look towards providing you with a product that can give you extreme satisfaction. Mediocrity has no place in a dedicated company like ours.



Every day as we drive to our individual workplaces, we can see the struggles that come with going to work -- endless traffic, cabs already occupied, the challenge of getting to work on time (unless you're near the train station or your workplace). We understand how sometimes, an exciting date becomes a stressful one because of car jams and the travel time you have to allot to get to the place on time. The hassle of everyday navigation can take a toll. That's why we sell, that's why we offer our products to you. We believe you deserve better every day.

For people who are desperate to get to work on time, we bring you our scooters and electric bikes for a more convenient, faster way to beat the traffic and get to work without having to stress out travel time. For fun and recreational purposes, you can fully enjoy your time out from everyday stresses with our super pocket bikes and electric pocket bikes. We aim to help you find adventure with your family with our adventure-ready 50cc quad bikes for adults and youth quads for the children. You can fully trust that our products are made, manufactured, and sold with you in mind.




All-Terrain Vehicles

Go on, indulge in an all-out adventure with your friends and families with our electric quad bikes and four wheeler. Our ATV come in a variety of two: four-wheeler for adults and youth quads so both parents and kids can enjoy the thrill of riding electric four wheeler.

Because we aim to offer our all-terrain vehicles for sale, we make sure adults get the best experience out of our adventure vehicles. Enjoy the ride with our electric, 110cc ATV machines that are  four-stroke, single cylinder, and air cooled. This is a perfect choice for enjoying the sandy dunes and high terrains. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also do that with our 250cc quad bikes.

Our electric kids ATV are also packed with specs that make them ready for action. Starting from 50cc youth quad bikes, your young sports lover will enjoy his adventure experiences, too. Start them young with our ATV for kids.


Dirt Bikes

Our dirt bikes (also known as motocross bikes) are certainly made for speed and precision. You can trust on our word that our bikes are made for adventure, without you having to worry if it can conquer hard places. Our  dirt bikes are guaranteed reliable when it comes to conquering mud, rocky places, and wet grounds. You're in for a long run with our dirt bikes for sale because it's body includes a 3.5L fuel tank capacity. These  motocross bikes are built for the long run with its 70cc capacity. You will surely not get disappointed. Our products also come in fun designs and patterns, perfect for someone who's not only for sports but for looks, too! Check out our dirt bikes and be very impressed!


Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes (also known as mini bikes) are mini race bikes that are made for recreation and hobbies. However, despite the fact that they're not for actual traveling, you need to get a durable mini pocket bike to ensure your safety and your convenience. That's why here at LoveOutdoor.co, we give you the cream of the crop of pocket bikes.  If you want speed, our pocket bikes can bring that to you at 25km/hour top speed rate. At 1000w power, these mini motocross bikes are sure to last for a long time. Great for kids and adults alike! Try it for yourselves, friends!


Electric Bikes

We understand the need for means of transportation that can beat traffic yet make travel easy for the user. For the ones who are always on the go yet hate the never ending traffic, we have electric bikes for sale to cater to your everyday transport needs. Our electric bikes are made with an idea of simplicity and versatility. You can use them for your travel to work, your stroll around the city, or simply for your exercise. That is how useful these electric bikes are. One of the best things about our electric bikes is that they have a control that gives you speed options. No need to pedal that hard anymore! Isn't this just the most convenient thing?


Electric Scooters

We know that people are also looking for ways to travel with ease. Another option, aside from our electric bikes are electric scooters. Eco-friendly, ergonomic, and very safe to travel with everywhere you go. If charged fully, you can travel up to 50 kilometers. Buckle up for travel with its 15km/hr travel speed and 440lbs capacity. Drive with ease with its sturdy and reliable wheels. The fun thing about our scooters is that they come with fun colors and designs that you would surely enjoy.


Power Generators

You may not know when you need to have your electrically-powered machines charged. It's better to always be ready in situations like this one. So, to help you prepare with emergency power interruptions, we offer you our power generators. Charge your machines and use them as needed without worrying if you're going to run out of power. Keeping our power generator in a store will always help you get handy when emergency power interruptions occur. Don't let power shortage limit your capacity. Get our power generators now.




1.) Reliability

At LoveOutdoor.co, we stand by our words. Online shopping is a risk, so we make sure that you make a great risk that can bring greater rewards when you make us your store of choice. You can trust that the products that will be delivered to you are going to give answers to your concerns and satisfy your traveling needs. You can trust that we can bring you total quality satisfaction from our simplest products to the most complex ones. At LoveOutdoor.co, the trust and the confidence of the customers in our products is a very important factor that keeps us going. You matter to us.


2.) Customer Focus and Care

Our products are reviewed, analyzed, and meticulously chosen with you, our customers, in mind. It is our ultimate goal to make sure that the needs of our customers are met with exactness and with great attention to detail. In our company, you will find products that will help you compensate your everyday needs. Nothing satisfies us more than the knowledge that we are serving you well.


3.) Quality Delivery

In this business, quality is the name of the game. Here at LoveOutdoor.co, we aim that from your online shopping, to making a choice, to getting your order, you're going to get the optimal quality that every customer deserves. We strive to be perceptive and conscious with the needs of every buyer in our company. We assure you that quality is the main ingredient in all our dealings with our customers. You are guaranteed to have a quality experience with us and our products. We have customer service representatives to assist you in your every need.


Times are changing and we know how important it is to keep up with the many variations of products. We want our customers to always be in the loop with the new things, to make sure that you are getting the best. In LoveOutdoor.co, we value innovation. Newness in our products is a priority to help give you a cutting edge experience while using them.


5.) Honesty

What you see is what you get. We value each customer's trust and reliance to us, and we just can't let them down. We don't sugarcoat, we don't overprice, and what you expect is what is going to reach your doorstep. Honesty and integrity are practiced all throughout LoveOutdoor.co. You can deal with us with confidence.


6.) Openness

Because you are important to us, we value your voice, we value your opinion. We appreciate every thought you present to us about our services and our products. That's why we are very open to the reviews you give to the products we sell. Our customer service representatives are also here to help cater to your needs.



If you're looking for one-of-a-kind customer experience especially when it comes to purchasing high-power machines for everyday use, choose LoveOutdoor.co. You can be assured that our products are perfect for everyday use, handy, high-quality, efficient, effective, fun, and always-on-the-go. Enjoy your races with our power bikes and dirt bikes. Go into all out adventure with your family with our ATV for adults and kids. Make work travel, exercise, and strolls easier with our electric bikes and electrically-powered scooters. Let your first experience with these exciting innovations start with us. We are committed to giving you the best of the best.



Every product we have on this site is sold with you in mind. We stand by our commitment to prioritizing our customers' needs whenever and wherever. You are the core of this business, and quality is what is going to strengthen the bond between you and our company. We pledge that you are going to get the best that you deserve.

To help you experience more of our wonderful offers, we have sales and return incentives for you. May your shopping experience with us be a good one. We hope to hear satisfied reviews from you. Thank you and looking forward to you enjoying our great products from LoveOutdoor.co.